Growing Pains

We’re in the middle of moving. Things are a complete mess. I can’t find anything and it’s becoming increasingly frustrating trying to straighten everything up again. No, we haven’t moved to a new house. But we’ve moved our blog to a new site. And right now, its worse than moving house because I’m learning new software at the same that I’m organizing. There is a reason why I wasn’t a computer science major! In the end, I know the move will be worth it because it will make things easier for you, our readers. Several of you commented that you couldn’t follow us or post comments at the old site. So the move to WordPress will change all that. We’re also excited that we’ll have more flexibility on the types of things we can include in our posts.

When we started our blog – one month ago – we thought that it would be fun to share a few stories about gardening, cooking, and preserving. And it is! But what we didn’t expect was how you, our reader, would engage with the content. Hundreds of readers stopped by and read our posts. Some of you suggested ideas or offered to help Vince make bread. (I still want to take you up on that!) Most of you have graciously applauded our efforts. In many ways, it’s been overwhelming. For example, I became completely flustered during a Chamber Breakfast when a lovely lady, whom I admire and respect, complimented the blog and recommend to a group at our table (including my boss!) that they check it. I acted like a total dork, simply because her praise meant so much. We’ve learned how incredible and supportive our friends truly are. I cannot thank you enough.

This past weekend, we had dinner with a old friend who spent the evening encouraging and validating our blogging existence. Now this friend has been professionally involved in social media for years. She’s the real deal, not simply a Facebook friend. Over dessert, she challenged us to create a shift change in our readers. A shift change? I only wanted to write about making pickles. Not change the world or influence people. But then she helped me to realize some of our readers might not want to simply read about how I make pickles. They might want to make pickles or even try growing their own cucumbers. I spent the next 24 hours debating our mission statement. At one point I even concluded that I didn’t want to write the blog anymore. That talking about my gardening or canning projects over the water cooler at work was enough. But deep down inside, I knew it wasn’t. The sooner I admitted it, the sooner I could embark on my own shift change.

From the beginning, we’ve admitted we’re not professionals or even experts. Our projects are just as likely to fail as they are to succeed. Thankfully, we know a few experts, and during the next few months, I’m inviting them to come along on our adventures. Maybe we’ll learn a thing or two. If even one reader makes a shift change – like bypasses processed food or visits a farmers market or starts recycling – then a shift change has occurred. All it takes is one person making a single decision. Will it be you? I certainly hope so.


3 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. just dare to write and share !life is life and with little glimpses at others we can come sometimes to terms with our own lives I was one of those who couldn’t comment on your old site enjoy reading a little about you and get to know you better

    • I am really glad that our move has made it possible for you to leave a comment! That makes it all the work worth it! Thanks Clemencia!

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