The Sun is Shining, the Grass is Green

My beloved presents of bouquet of B3.

The sun is shining, 
The grass is green,
The Blue and the Gold team sways.
There’s never been such a day,
in Murray, Kentuckay!

I love the opening stanza of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas.  I often rewrite its lyrics to suit my mood.  The brilliant sunshine that streamed in our windows found a happy, happy woman this morning.  So I sang the modified opening stanza to waken our sleeping teen.  After days of eating foods rich in B3–and watching every bite–I feel better.  My spirit has been lifted from the funk that had descended upon me.  Amen.

Yesterday, I could tell that I was beginning to feel better.  I actually walked out of my office and spoke to co-workers.  Of course, my conversations were limited to the wonders of a vitamin rich diet.  What I discovered is that many of them have been feeling the same funk.  Maybe I should open a juice bar in the empty office across the hall?  Who knows what we could accomplish if we were supercharged with juiced fruit and veggies?

I’ve also noticed a surprising change in our son.  He’s been… open.  That’s the only way I can describe it.  Normally, it takes all the effort I can muster to engage him in conversation.  By the time I get home, he’s often submerging into his autistic version of a happy place.  Once he’s there, I can’t blast my way through to him.  But the past couple of afternoons, he’s been different.  He’s been talkative, he’s been charming, and he’s been engaged.  It’s been amazing.  Last night, I shed tears of joy for the opportunity to spend real quality time with my son.  Was it the raw broccoli?  Was it the change in me?

Understand, we eat a well-balanced diet.   We eat seasonal, local, and mostly organic foods.  But we don’t watch every bite.  There are still some lingering processed foods that sneak their way into our mouths.  But this week, we’ve eaten lots of B3 foods, in their rawest state when safe.  And we’ve nearly eliminated the negative impact foods.

So here’s the shift change: If I’m feeling this much better by targeting specific nutrient-enriched foods, can I encourage others to supercharge their diets and perhaps to feel better too?  Are you, dear reader, interested in such a change?  Do you expect your food to simply fill your tummy, or do you expect your food to be an active partner in your well-being?

Are you willing to investigate what you’re eating and what its doing for you?


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