Spring Has Sprung! Are You Ready?

Last fall, Vince stuck an iris bulb in one of our flowerbeds. On this first day of spring, it bloomed. In March. Unbelievable.

Its official!  The calendar says that today is the first day of spring.

Despite the fact that Mother Nature has triumphantly displayed spring for weeks with clumps of daffodils growing beside the road, at first I was skeptical.  The beautiful days, the warm weather — I convinced myself that it wasn’t real, that it was a spring mirage.  In other years, I’ve charged into the garden during the mild early days of March, determined to start digging and planting, only to be forced into extreme measures in order to save precious seedlings.  After all, in West Kentucky, we often get snow in April.  This year, I decided to be patient.  So I’ve waited.  And waited.

Every few days, I’ve checked our raised beds and declared that they are still too wet to work.  With a sigh of relief, I’ve gone back inside and watched basketball.  I mean, who tills their garden during the Ohio Valley Conference Tournament?  It’s one thing to till around the Final Four, but during the OVC?  That’s just crazy talk.

A few of my gardening friends went for it.  They watched and observed Mother Nature’s lead, and they put out their green peas and radishes.  While it’s perfectly possible to plant in early March, I didn’t.  Was it smart to wait?  Probably not.  But then, it’s not the first time that I’ve been wrong about gardening.

The thing is, our raised beds are genuinely still too wet.  If we till now, we’ll only stir up chunks of clay.  Nothing good can grow in that.  If we can get another few days of sunny weather and no rain, then we can till.  Until then, we’re tackling other projects.  We’ve started weeding the flower beds and sprucing up the yard.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll even wash our windows.

Nah, that’s just more crazy talk.


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