Twilight and Herbs

Happy and tired faces after accomplishing the difficult task of building an herb garden from chunks of recycled concrete.

Today was one of those perfect spring days.  Since it was a Tuesday, it meant that we didn’t get to enjoy much of this beautiful day because of work.  After dinner, we hurried outside to enjoy what remained.  I had elaborate plans to accomplish in the veggie patch, but I soon realized that time and light were not on our side.  So we piddled.

While I worked in the herb garden, my beloved attempted to burn off one of the beds. Burning off the beds will release important nutrients into the soil while purifying it. We should have burned off the beds a couple of months ago, but didn’t.  With more living weeds than last fall’s dead plants, he only managed to burn a few stems.  But I could tell he was enjoying the art of fire building.

As the shadows lengthened, our chit chat slowed. We became engrossed in our tasks. Beneath my fingers, new sprouts from the oregano and thyme released their heavenly scents. Soon, the air was filled with aromatic blends that made my mouth water. I love my herb garden.

Last year, my nephew Trevor and adopted niece Katie built the herb garden using chunks of our former sidewalk for the structure.  With help from our son, they worked together choosing the design, moving the chunks of concrete, and building its walls.  I think they had a good time.  I know I did.  Afterwards, my beloved filled the planter with compost.  Then for Mother’s Day, instead of giving me flowers, he bought me enough herbs to fill the structure (and then some!).

They worked so hard.

Working in the herb garden during this evening’s twilight brought back the memories of its loving beginning, the joys of slipping out to snip fresh herbs while making dinner, and the thrill of using my own dried herbs throughout the winter.  There’s just something special about herbs you grow yourself.  As the sun set, we wandered back indoors.  For our troubles, my beloved harvested two heads of rogue lettuce that had survived the winter.  And he harvested another surprise carrot.  I know what we’ll have for dinner tomorrow night: a fresh salad.  Then we’ll rush back out and enjoy another gloaming in our garden.

I’m not going to plan anything for us to do tomorrow evening.  I think piddling will work just fine.


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