Feathering Our Nest

Our niece says that it will be hard to convince our readers that I don’t collect roosters. But I don’t. They collect me. There’s a big difference.

We’re trying to finish our kitchen.

We started construction on a new kitchen on August 8th. Then we stopped because we had to fight about it. Then we started again three days later. Let’s just say that we have the most patient contractor that ever lived. He’s used to us fighting about a project. He knows that once the fight is over, things will go just fine.

Our old kitchen was an unimpressive galley that was painted periwinkle. I love periwinkle. It’s the happiest of colors. But everything else in that kitchen was miserable. The problem was the lack of space and the fact that guests could only stand in the doorway and watch the chaos of us walking all over each other trying to cook. It didn’t take us long to realize that a major renovation was needed.

We dreamed of an open kitchen filled with sunlight. We dreamed of cozy corners and enough counter space for a gaggle of friends to gather. The problem became where to put it? For a few weeks, we thought about adding on. But an addition would block sunlight from the garden. Then fate decided to intervene.

We discovered that the refrigerator ice maker had been quietly leaking under the floors.  Under the kitchen floor, under the living room floor, and under the laundry room floor.  By the time we noticed something was wrong, thousands of dollars worth of damage had been done.  Now, we aren’t unobservant.  We’ve had water leaks in the past. But generally, a leak is accompanied by pools of water.  There was no water.  The only noticeable symptom occurred when our two-year-old hardwood floors buckled.  That’s when we knew we had a problem. We decided to start back at square one and rethink this whole project. And I am glad we did.

In the end, we enclosed our one-car garage, converting the space into a new kitchen and a new pantry. By doing that, we could convert the old kitchen into a home office/guest room with the old laundry room becoming a nice walk-in closet or future powder room and closet.  That gave us four bedrooms and, eventually, three bathrooms.  Bingo!

During the fall and winter, work slowly progressed.  And we’re thrilled with the results.  We have a large, open kitchen filled with sunlight and plenty of space for family and friends.  There’re still a few details to finish, but we’re getting there.  Now that the drapes are up, I feel like it’s a real room.  Cozy enough to be comfortable, efficient enough to save utility costs, and capable enough to handle any dinner party or canning frenzy I embark upon.

This weekend, I began decorating the space. Or as my beloved remarked, “You’ve feathered your nest.” He was joking about the decorative roosters that I’ve scattered around the room.  But he was right. I’ve feathered my nest.  And I’m pretty happy with the results.


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