Finding Balance

Carrots at the Cooper-Young Farmers Market Photo: Cheyenne Medlock

I took a break from canning this weekend.

Since the early days of this blog, I’ve been working overtime to preserve each season’s bounty. When the leafy greens of early spring were plentiful, I was juicing and freezing them. When the tender berries of spring arrived, I was making jam. Then when the first veggies of summer ripened, I preserved their sun-drenched goodness.

Tackling last weekends’ 90 pounds of tomatoes was the tipping point. At about 10:00 pm on Sunday night, I realized that I had missed hanging out with my kid, playing with the dog, or enjoying a day out on Kentucky Lake. I had also missed Inspector Lewis‘ premiere on this season’s Masterpiece Theatre’s Mystery.  It was time to regroup.

Friday morning, I did a quick walk-around in my garden.  The heat of the week had slowed down the cucumbers. The squash and zuchini were making their last attempts to set blooms. While my tomato vines were covered in green tomatoes, they were a few days from ripening.  Inside, my 7-day pickles were at their last stage. They needed to sit for three days. If I was going to take a midsummer break — this was it.

After work, we loaded up and headed to Memphis to see our favorite (and only) niece who attends the University of Memphis. After living there for three years, she knows Memphis like a native. She delighted us a foodie adventure tour to local dives complimented with frosty mugs of local beer. We had a blast. We even ran into some Murray friends who were in town visiting their son. We ate, we drank, we shopped, and we blew out a few cobwebs.

Today, I hear the lake calling my name. Thank goodness my 7-day pickles still need another day.


2 thoughts on “Finding Balance

  1. Hey Mary Ann, this is Jean one of Mary Jo’s friends. MJ was sharing how thrilled she was about your blog and how much she has enjoyed it so I thought that I would check it out. Loved your comments about gardening. This is my first year in gardening for quite a while and it has worn me out. I am hoping to do some Dilly Squash this week as soon as my squash comes in a little bit more but my “critters” keep me pretty busy. I have 2 horses, 4 dogs, 3 cats (1 looking for a home) and 6 goats. Looking forward to becoming a Self Maid Goat Farmer.
    Enjoy in spite of it all.

    • Hi Jean! I am glad you found us and that you like the blog! What a year to start gardening, congrats. I love learning new techniques and getting those to grow. Feel free to share you experiences with us, we have a Facebook page and Twitter!

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