Moments of My Life


I don’t take a lot of “selfies” but I found this little jewel during the upload. Taken before a Racer game last season, it shows my enthusiasm for my favorite team and for blessed life that I lead.

A few days ago, I finally I imported all the photos off my phone.

What is probably a daily ritual for some, was something I hadn’t ever done. Never. Every photo I’ve ever taken with an iPhone was still — on my iPhone. Well, nearly every photo, lately I had to start deleting the blurry ones in order to make room for new pictures. Why haven’t I ever uploaded them? For one thing, I didn’t know how because I always ignore the pop-up window that springs to life whenever I plug my phone into my laptop. Besides, I rather liked having all those photos. Its was kinda cool to go back and look at them all from time to time.

As the import began, I watched thousands of photos flash before my eyes. Moments of my life digitally captured for all time. I literally watched my life flash before my eyes which, once again, reminded just how blessed I am. I have a life rich with family, friends, co-workers, and pets that make my life complete.

I was also amazed at how many photos were taken for this blog which I’ve been ignoring. People have been very sweet saying that they missed us. Frankly, I have missed writing. But I needed a break to live life again, it had gotten to the point where every adventure, every task had become the fodder of a blog post. Not that it was a bad thing, but sometimes life just needs to be about living life, not writing about it.

Now that the days have grown shorter and there is less to accomplish outside, I know that I’ll start writing again. But until then, I’ve got life to live with the ones I love the most.


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