Our Backyard is Humming

HummingI’m sure our neighbors hate us.

Its a beautiful Sunday afternoon and the only noise that can be heard from miles around is coming from our backyard. Everyone is inside waiting for the UK vs Michigan tipoff of the NCAA Tournament Elite Eight. And I mean everyone. Usually on a bright and sunny Sunday, even those who aren’t interested in fitness are usually out walking around the neighborhood. But not today. They’re all in front of their televisions wearing their favorite Kentucky Blue gear.

Then, he fires up the tiller up again.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the noise was a constant drone. But no, our little tiller only achieves grinding up loam in a random start and stop fashion. (I’m convinced that tiller was made in Louisville, because of the way it drives even the most patient UK fan insane.)

Then, he revs the engine to achieve the most annoying decibels.

Bless my Beloved’s heart. He has no clue what drama he’s causing in the households around us. But he’s bound and determined to till our raised beds this afternoon. Because next weekend, he’s planting. And he takes that very seriously.

Then the tiller stops. I’m sure everyone is holding their collective breath before turning down the volume of the game. Even Alex, our beagle goes to look out the window to see if Vince is finished making so much noise. Five minutes goes by. Ten minutes. Maybe he’s done?

The tiller roars to life again and Alex wanders down the hall in search of finding a quieter place to take his nap.

Good luck on that buddy. Good Luck, because there’s still the second half and two more raised beds to go before he’s finished.




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