via Daily Prompt: Finally

Finally, the clock ticks toward midnight and the end of another year. I’m not sure I’ll ever think back to 2017 with fond memories. Certainly there were high points, but thankfully nothing horrible happened. We were hit with a few blows. Thankfully, we survived them. I can’t say that we’re stronger for 2017. Instead, I simply acknowledge we’re still standing despite it.

Today’s single-word writing prompt seems fitting — finally. It’s not a word that I use often unless I’m using it as an alternative to a curse word.

“Finally! I hope that tailgating jackass gets where he’s headed in such a hurray!”

“Finally! I never thought she’d shut up!”

“Finally! It’s good to see my driveway.”

Perhaps what I should say is that finally, I’m writing again. It happened unexpectedly. I sat down yesterday afternoon to do some housekeeping on another blog that I manage and saw the single-word writing prompt. Instead the task that I had planned, I wrote a short post on the word almost. It felt good to write again. So here I am again. Instead of going to bed or watching the ball drop in Times Square, I logged on to see what was today’s single-word writing prompt while finishing the last loads of laundry. If today’s prompt is finally, what will tomorrow’s be? New? Fresh? Beginnings? I certainly hope not.




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