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We’ve been married for 21 years, and despite everything, we hope to make it last (at least) another twenty. Learning what it takes to live a sustainable life, we have a precious garden that produces fresh veggies and herbs including our garden divas: the most expensive tomatoes you’ll ever find.

Vince is an Instructor for Murray State University’s English as a Second Language program. Mary Anne is a Special Projects Coordinator for Purchase Area Development District. We’re passionate about the environment, healthy living, and Murray State Racers basketball. We have a teenager, a beautiful niece, a slue of nephews, a beagle, and two cats. Our life is blessed.

My father use to say that once someone put their feet under our dinner table, they became apart family. We feel the same way.  Nothing makes us happier than to have friends and family cooking or just hanging out in our kitchen.

Most weekends, you’ll find us doing some sort of project, whether it’s cooking or gardening. Understand, our projects are as likely to fail as they are to succeed, as we’re not experts. We invite you to come along and share in our adventures.

January Profile


You can read this blog a couple of different ways. You can start on our Home page which always features our newest post. From the Home tab, you can read every post we’ve written–in reverse order. Or you can start from the beginning by clicking the archives on the side bar, which will allow you to read the posts chronologically. Or you may read our posts by subject matter by clicking our page tabs. Not all our posts are available by subject matter, only those that are most popular. To read our guest writers, click Other Voices. To access the recipes, click The Recipes. To read stories we’ve posted about our pets or our childhood, click Storytelling. We hope we’ve organized this site so that you can spend some time getting to know us.

Feel free to contact us with a question anytime.



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