August 2, 2012

Oven-Dried Tomatoes – 2 pint freezer bags
***** Outstanding

I went out to the garden to see if there were any tomatoes ready.  I harvested a half dozen tomatoes, along with a couple of cucumbers.  There are several eggplant ready but I’m not ready to harvest them yet. They can wait another day.

My beloved recently purchased a beer-making kit and he’s decided to make a batch tonight. He’s taken command of the kitchen and has his new toys, I mean tools, spread over every horizontal surface.  I make a small space and begin slicing the tomatoes.  I filled two trays with my bounty, then lightly sprinkled sea salt on them. The sea salt draws out the water and helps with the drying process.

Our kitchen has truly become a science lab between his fermenting beer, the batch of 7-day pickles, and the trays of oven-dried tomatoes. Just before I go to bed, I’ll slide the trays into the oven and let them dry overnight.  Then tomorrow I’ll freeze the slices.

Making oven-dried tomatoes has become a nightly activity, but its easy and the results are outstanding. I’m thrilled that I added this little trick to my preservation toolbox.


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