July 29, 2012

I really tried to keep my list under control this weekend.

We have a large chalkboard in our kitchen. My beloved built it for me and it is as handy as a pocket on a shirt. He thought it would be used as a menu planner. But I use it to keep track of all the projects I attempt each weekend. Its hard to keep track of everything.

On Saturday, I wasn’t able to cross many things off my “Things To Do” list.  While I was certainly busy all day, it seemed that the projects I kept accomplishing weren’t those on the official list.  The lazy Sunday afternoon that I had hoped for slowly disappeared as I reviewed the remaining tasks.

Thankfully, my beloved was free to help.  After lunch we began tackling the list of projects. There was no hope of watching any of the Olympic Games. As friends twittered away about the various events taking place in London, we shucked, blanched, and froze corn.  We blanched and canned three pounds of Herbed Roma Tomatoes. We cooked dinner. We completed Day 4’s task on the batch of 7-Day Pickles I have going. Finally, we sliced just over a half-dozen tomatoes from our garden and arranged them onto trays.

Eventually, all the projects were complete (except the herbs).  We finally were able to sit down and watch a couple of swimming events (we already knew the results, but cheered anyway) and a couple events in the women’s gymnastics competition.

When we went to bed, I slide the two trays of sliced tomatoes into the oven to dry overnight. By lunchtime on Monday, I had 2 pints of perfect oven-dried tomatoes for the freezer.


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