July 7, 2012

July 7, 2012
Purchased 50 lbs of organic and heirloom tomatoes from Hillyard Field Organics, half of which I bought at the end of the Farmer’s Market. A few of the tomatoes were seconds, but most of them were perfect and blemish free, including several pounds of huge and beautiful cherry tomatoes.

Tomato Juice  – 7 Quarts
**** Stars – Thrilled to Bits!
After sorting the tomatoes by quality, I juiced 7 more quarts, using the same method as the day before.

July 7, 2012
Not what I expected.

Diced Tomatoes – 7 Quarts
** Stars – Disappointed
I decided to dice the “first quality” tomatoes. After removing stems, cores, and any blemishes, I diced the tomatoes using my food processor. I had never used a food processor to dice tomatoes,  so I was curious about how well it would work. I filled the processor only half way with tomato halves, then pulsed for a few seconds. I got more juice than diced tomatoes. The processor was just too strong to keep the tomatoes somewhat intact.  Perhaps if the tomatoes had been chilled prior to being processed, they would not have been pulverized.  After processing, I simmered the tomatoes on the range until they bubbled. Then I hot-packed into jars with 1t sea salt and 2T of lemon juice. Processed in a water bath canner for 45 minutes. I forgot to overstuff the jars, removing extra juice, so I was disappointed with the results.  Lesson Learned – hand dice tomatoes AND overstuff the jars.

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